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Happy Pi Day! Love So Sweet and Our Greatest Legacy
March 14, 2014
Have a Coke and a Smile for America the Beautiful
(February 2014)
"They were looking toward Heaven and the day when every tribe, tongue and nation will revere His Holy Name and sing His praise.  It is no accident that the Coca Cola Bottling Co. had different tongues singing this hymn.  Whether they realize it or not, the Lord has used this to make His Name known and give us a prophetic picture of His heart and the glorious day of His return. "
January 24, 2014

"This generation coming up is critical in this hour in history.  Their prayers will transform their homes, their neighborhoods and even their cities. When the earth shakes, they will shake back and principalities will shatter and be broken."
Wonder Woman and the Great Snow Race
August 2013

"I believe there is a shortage of 'icebreakers' in the spirit today...
As we approach the end of the age (our own Great Snow Race), we are in desperate need of icebreakers to get the Gospel to the ends of the earth"
Crazy Faith
June 2013

"Miraculous Faith is rooted in quiet confidence in who the Lord says He is and in His love. Love is not boastful or proud, and it does not try to control, bully or bulldoze people. On the flip side... If it is frantic, or fraught with chaos, promotes self or is cloaked with spiritual superiority, it just might be crazy. The One who captivates our attention, should be JESUS. He is the only One who deserves such devotion."
"The Holy Spirit often allows the existence of spiritual bullies to train us to maturity and spark us to grow up."
~ Paul Keith Angels that Gather
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