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Happy Pi Day! Love So Sweet and Our Greatest Legacy
March 14, 2014
Have a Coke and a Smile for America the Beautiful
(February 2014)
"They were looking toward Heaven and the day when every tribe, tongue and nation will revere His Holy Name and sing His praise.  It is no accident that the Coca Cola Bottling Co. had different tongues singing this hymn.  Whether they realize it or not, the Lord has used this to make His Name known and give us a prophetic picture of His heart and the glorious day of His return. "
January 24, 2014

"This generation coming up is critical in this hour in history.  Their prayers will transform their homes, their neighborhoods and even their cities. When the earth shakes, they will shake back and principalities will shatter and be broken."
Wonder Woman and the Great Snow Race
August 2013

"I believe there is a shortage of 'icebreakers' in the spirit today...
As we approach the end of the age (our own Great Snow Race), we are in desperate need of icebreakers to get the Gospel to the ends of the earth"
Crazy Faith
June 2013

"Miraculous Faith is rooted in quiet confidence in who the Lord says He is and in His love. Love is not boastful or proud, and it does not try to control, bully or bulldoze people. On the flip side... If it is frantic, or fraught with chaos, promotes self or is cloaked with spiritual superiority, it just might be crazy. The One who captivates our attention, should be JESUS. He is the only One who deserves such devotion."
"The Holy Spirit often allows the existence of spiritual bullies to train us to maturity and spark us to grow up."
~ Paul Keith Angels that Gather
Crazy Faith

There is an adrenaline rush that comes with what some call crazy faith. 

No doubt, life with Christ can be exhilarating, especially when we are asked to step out of comfort zone and trust Him with the journey.  Sometimes the Lord asks us to move or give or act and (oh my goodness!) forgive, when everything in our rational mind would say not to.  The Christian walk does not always line up with conventional wisdom of the world.  Obedience CAN feel scary or risky (Ask Abraham!), but when "our knower knows" we have clearly heard His voice, there is a peace that truly does surpass all understanding. 

Miraculous faith is required when we are asked to partner with God in plans we could never accomplish in our own strength.  God is still in the miracle-working business today.  Jesus Christ IS the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow and our Heavenly Father has not left the throne.  Furthermore, without faith it is impossible to please Him.

I believe, however, there is a difference between miraculous faith and crazy faithAnd the adrenaline rush I am speaking of here, goes beyond the excitement of following Him and celebrating the amazing things He accomplishes in and around us. 

June 24, 2013, the Lord showed me a vision of a manipulative spirit trying to enchant the body, then later bulldozing everybody/ everything out of their way to obtain their goal.  The vision had three separate parts.

The first part of the vision began with believers gathered together in a circle praying, with one key person identified as the leader.  As she prayed, she started to sway hypnotically, catching everybody else up in the flow.  Her smooth speech and swaying was used to enchant the others causing them to "agree in the spirit" with what she was praying. 

The vision then shifted (to the second part).  The same individuals were circled around a game table.  It looked like a game of craps, but the table was round and everyone was packed in tightly.  The room was emotionally charged.  The same leader controlled the dice.  As she threw the dice, everyone cheered. 
I began to hear a creepy version of the old hymn May the Circle Be Unbroken, which seemed to be indicative of a twisted family alliance, similar to what is seen in households where abuse is prevalent.  The dice seemed to be representative of fate, destiny and the spirit realm.

The two images bounced back and forth.  The controller/manipulator was the spiritual leader in one setting and life of the party in the other. In both settings she was charming and manipulating the crowd  to carry out her agenda.  The disturbing part was how much fun everyone was having.  They loved it!  Being caught up in the rush was exciting for all... and then came the third part.

The scene changed. The leader became a sheep dog, but not like any dog I have ever seen before.  She was part dog, part bear and enormous!  She was herding cattle, again circling them with everyone cheering in delight over her championship.  It was such a stellar performance that they honored her with a parade.  She marched through the streets and into the mall, with her entourage faithfully trailing behind her.  The shop owners were forced to clear everything out of her path-- furniture and fixtures were quickly picked up and moved out of the way.  It was move or get mowed over.  She was coming through and everybody better make way.

In all three parts the same individual, or spirit, was in control and enchanted the crowd.  In each scene, her showmanship was incredible!  She was thrilled and thrilling.  The crowd loved her and was obviously mesmerized, to the point that most folks did not seem to mind getting mowed over.  They were enjoying it almost as much as she was, even to their own demise.  Pretty frightening.

Through the night and the next morning I continued to pray about this vision. God, what are you saying through this?  The vision unfortunately (or fortunately) was preparation for a real life drama that would soon unfold.  Suffice it to say, it was painful.  Much like the people in the third part, I felt pretty mowed over (body, soul and spirit).

Prior to this vision and the heartbreaking events that occurred in real life, I had been reading biographies of "old school" missionaries and evangelists who lived by radical faith.  Their stories are amazing!  Time after time they trusted the Lord for provision and paving the way for their next journey.  In each testimony,  there is account of a laboring process of  prayer that prepared the way.... sometimes months, sometimes years, and never in haste.  Over and over provision came without them ever saying a word to anyone but God. The Lord made a way where there seemed to be no way.  That is miraculous!

Through each testimony found in these old school biographies, I picked up on the quiet confidence that the Lord will provide.  There was no wielding of manipulation, no fanfare, or even publicity.  There was no haste or frantically leaving town-- only stories of peacefully trusting the Lord, declaring HE IS MARVELOUS!

The real life drama I witnessed was not like this. Instead it was a hard lesson in learning to discern the difference between Crazy Faith and Miraculous Faith.  From what I can tell, both seem to get the job done; however, one seems to have a lot of potential for harm.  (I am still scratching my head on this one unfortunately.)  Miraculous Faith is rooted in quiet confidence in who the Lord says He is and His love.  Love is not boastful or proud, and it does not try to control, bully or bulldoze people.

On the flip side.... If it is frantic, or fraught with chaos, promotes self or cloaked spiritual superiority, it just might be crazy.  The one who captivates our attention should be JESUS.  He is the only One who deserves such devotion.  If there is guilt, shame, or compulsion, it probably is not Jesus.  If there is an attempt to control or be divisive, again... it probably is not Jesus. 

The other thing I noticed, is resistance to wisdom.  This may seem contradictory to my opening statements about miraculous faith and the Christian walk sometimes opposing conventional wisdom. 
Conventional wisdom should not necessarily be our only litmus test. We must discern His voice and His leading and be obedient.  Unfortunately, I have observed a pattern in some believers, who tend to reject wisdom they believe is conventional, some how deeming it "less spiritual." 

Herein lies the heart of the matter: some folks simply enjoy the "high" or the adrenaline rush associated with crazy faith. 

James 3:17 says,  "But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere." 

Funny... Nowhere do I see mention of "radical" or "rush".

If suggestions of wisdom are met with fierce resistance, accusations of control or suggestions of disloyalty, it just might be crazy.  If the brother or sister is not exhibiting fruit of the Spirit, then the ordeal may not be Spirit-led.

These are hard lessons, especially when faced with people we love who can be very convincing.

Paul Keith says in his book Angels that Gather, "The Holy Spirit often allows the existence of spiritual 'bullies' to train us to maturity and spark us to grow up."  This painful lesson I experienced, I suppose, is part of that training. 

Be careful who you follow and who you are sowing into, especially if they are captivating.  You'll know which ones by their "fruit".  Fruit that is good tastes sweet and leaves a pleasant aroma. Ask Holy Spirit to heighten your senses.

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