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Happy Pi Day! Love So Sweet and Our Greatest Legacy
March 14, 2014
Have a Coke and a Smile for America the Beautiful
(February 2014)
"They were looking toward Heaven and the day when every tribe, tongue and nation will revere His Holy Name and sing His praise.  It is no accident that the Coca Cola Bottling Co. had different tongues singing this hymn.  Whether they realize it or not, the Lord has used this to make His Name known and give us a prophetic picture of His heart and the glorious day of His return. "
January 24, 2014

"This generation coming up is critical in this hour in history.  Their prayers will transform their homes, their neighborhoods and even their cities. When the earth shakes, they will shake back and principalities will shatter and be broken."
Wonder Woman and the Great Snow Race
August 2013

"I believe there is a shortage of 'icebreakers' in the spirit today...
As we approach the end of the age (our own Great Snow Race), we are in desperate need of icebreakers to get the Gospel to the ends of the earth"
Crazy Faith
June 2013

"Miraculous Faith is rooted in quiet confidence in who the Lord says He is and in His love. Love is not boastful or proud, and it does not try to control, bully or bulldoze people. On the flip side... If it is frantic, or fraught with chaos, promotes self or is cloaked with spiritual superiority, it just might be crazy. The One who captivates our attention, should be JESUS. He is the only One who deserves such devotion."
"The Holy Spirit often allows the existence of spiritual bullies to train us to maturity and spark us to grow up."
~ Paul Keith Angels that Gather
Wonder Woman and The Great Snow Race: Recognizing Strength & Beauty

Morning Glory! Oh how I love thee...

My true friends, the ones who really "get me", know I have a special relationship with my tea cups and coffee mugs.  They also know how I love spending time with the Lord over my morning coffee, tea or whatever hot beverage moves me that morning.  As cheesy as it sounds, the right inspirational cup does make a difference... and if there is some kind of prophetic message mixed in there, it is even better. 

This morning I was praying for a precious sister in the Lord, while drinking coffee from my Wonder Woman mug that declares "Strength & Beauty".

Most of you, I am sure, are familiar with Wonder Woman...

However, I wish you all could meet my friend Sara.  She is a powerful prayer missionary with an amazing testimony of God’s grace.  Her heart is precious like that of Mary of Bethany, who loved much because she was forgiven much (Luke Chapter 7).  Strength & Beauty-- that's my Sara. ♥ As the Lord continues to take my friend to greater depths of healing, I see her growing in grace and authority—it is beautiful to behold.  Today, as I prayed, the Lord gave me a picture of her as an Icebreaker Ship bursting through massive, frozen lies that have blocked channels far too long. 

In the natural, Icebreaker ships are used to open passages in extreme climates so other ships can safely maneuver through.  As these specialized icebreaker ships push forward, they actually rise up above the ice.  Their own weight then crushes the ice beneath them.  Most ships are not equipped to handle icy conditions and will not risk touching ice at all, no matter how gently.  Some ships have "ice strengthening" which protects them from damage caused by accidental bumping.  Similar to a water-resistant watch that may survive some splattering, but cannot withstand being submerged; ships with ice strengthening may survive a mild collision but lack the ability to plough through and overcome icy conditions.  

Today, there is a shortage of Icebreaker ships.  They are expensive to build, upwards of a billion dollars!  Because of the rigorous work they perform, they are costly to maintain—sometimes $200-$400 million for a refit that lasts a decade or less.  In order to win The Great Snow Race and access the natural resources that abound in remote places of the earth, these icebreakers are highly valued. 

I believe there is a shortage of “icebreakers” in the spirit today. 

There are individuals and communities that have long been isolated from the church.  Channels have been obstructed by lies that have compounded and solidified.  This has prevented supplies from getting in and invaluable resources from coming out and being refined.   As we approach the end of the age (our own Great Snow Race), we are in desperate need of "icebreakers" in order to get the Gospel to the ends of the earth.  The Great Commission speaks of making disciples of all nations, which encompasses physical locations, as well as people groups.  Unfortunately, certain people groups have been "blocked".  They have been ignored, mistreated, misled and outright lied to.  This has prevented many from being reconciled unto the Lord and also from coming into the fullness of fellowship with other believers.


Some of the lies have come from inside the walls of the church, while others stem from the community itself or society at large.  Either way, the channel must be opened and the lies must be abolished.  When this happens, I believe there will be freedom, furtherance of the Gospel and OIL.  There will be safe passage, restoration of community, opening lines of communication and intimacy.  There will be oil—oil of refreshing and healing, and a move of His Spirit greater than we can imagine.

In order for this to happen…

1.     The church must come to share God’s heart for these isolated communities.  We can no longer be afraid of “accidentally bumping into them”.  This is greater than a sense of benevolence.  We must view the people as valuable and believe we too can benefit from what they bring to the body of Christ.  As we recognize their value, we must develop a culture that is willing not only to invest, but also go to any length to access.  This is more than monetary investments.  I believe this is cultivated through prayer, fasting, reading God’s Word and spending time in the Presence of God Almighty.

2.     The church must become equipped with truth, love and basic skills to minister to and embrace those who have been previously isolated.  I believe there are many in the church with willing hearts and who love deeply, but simply do not know what to do.  Unfortunately, this lack of equipping often perpetuates the lies.  Just as right doctrine is meaningless without love, the converse is true too.  Love must be me met with soundness and truth for the furtherance of the Gospel to be complete.  Psalm 85: 10-11 “Lovingkindness and truth have met together; Righteousness and peace have kissed each other.  Truth springs from the earth, And righteousness looks down from heaven.”

3.     Those who have come out of darkness, into the light, must learn to embrace the authority they carry.  There is no place for shame in the Kingdom!  While I may be able to be trained and equipped in an area, another member of the body, who has personally walked that road, fought the battle and triumphed, carries a unique authority in the spirit in that arena.  We are overcomers by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony (Revelation 12: 11).  We cannot afford to shy away from truth of where we have been and what He has graciously brought us through.  We must recognize our own might and the weight we carry.  We must come to appreciate the power and authority carried by others, and encourage them as well. 

The deep healing the Lord longs for each of us is not complete until we grasp these truths and learn to walk them out.  Each of us has a role to play in furthering the Gospel, whether we are laboring in prayer beseeching the Lord of the Harvest to send workers in the field; equipping others to go; or we are embarking on a journey ourselves (Matthew 9:37-38; Ephesians 4:12; Matthew 28:19-20).  We cannot fully understand our role or the authority we carry in the Kingdom without investing the time in prayer, fasting, His Word and His Presence. 

Let us begin by viewing others as valuable resources, no matter how raw they may appear.  Ask the Father for revelation of a heavenly perspective of how HE sees them and zeal to pursue and love them.  Let us invest the time in prayer, fasting, studying the word and immersing ourselves in His Presence so our own hearts are transformed.  Let His truth permeate our hearts & minds that we can go forth with boldness and authority.  Let us abolish the lies, crushing them under the weight of our testimony.  Let us train, equip and "encourage one another every day, while it is still called 'today'" (Hebrews 3:13). 

Let's go win The Great Snow Race!

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